New Double Closet Doors

Classic Double Closet Doors

Double closet doors are very practical for rooms with limited space. When you have a small room, you do not want to put things in front or next to closet doors because it prevents you from opening door completely. Sliding doors prevent issues like this. But many sliding doors are just plain and do not have a sense of style, but there are some great ways you can dress them up. If your room is decorated in an Asian theme, then turn your mirrored closet doors into Shoji screens only makes sense. This is a cheap project. First, use a can of glass frosting to frost mirrored sliding doors. Then you can use thin piece of wood trim to drive vertically and horizontally to divide your closet doors into squares that give your wardrobe doors appearance of Shoji screens.

You can use mirrors, decorative glass or a contrast-colored wood color for your new doors — just be sure you do not choose an option that will be too heavy to work properly, according to built-in cabinets. As dot on cake, consider considering your wardrobe with black paint in either a blank or matte finish. Or, to give your room an airy feel, paint your wardrobe white or a soft gray color. If you have time and talent, consider replacing your double closet doors with completely other styled doors that you increase by adding wood applique pieces, trimmer and moldings.

Or transform your wardrobe into style of a country French or English Country piece with new doors as you hand paint. Key to success here is to make precise measurements of current doors, so those you use to replace them fit. And if you’re missing carpentry skills, look at your local home improvement center for unfinished, natural wood double closet doors that are size you need or a style you can have in shop cut down to fit your wardrobe. Tip: For unfinished doors, complete all painting and staining before laying them, according to Pine Wardrobe. You can add hardware after hanging doors.

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