Patio Screen Door Rolls

Patio Screen Door Style

Patio screen door – When your patio door becomes difficult to operate, it is most likely due to defective rolls. Your patio screen door, like your patio sliding door, uses two rollers in the bottom lane to work. The screen door is light, therefore the rollers are not of the highest quality that you have on the sliding door. Installation of new patio screen door rolling is a matter of pushing them into place. Most screen door rolls simply snap in or out or can use a spring to hold them in place.

Open the patio screen door so it is in the middle of the opening. Look for a small adjustment screw on the bottom edge of the door on each side. Turn the screw counterclockwise with a flat screwdriver if you have the adjusting screws. Many patio screen doors do not use an adjustment screw. Look for a few chins on the outside of the bottom track, which is the same distance apart as the rollers on the patio screen the door. Slide the screen door to line up the rollers with the notch in the slot. Grasp the screen door on both sides and lift the door into the top slot. Swing the lower part of the door over the bottom track and pull the screen door away from the opening.

Place the screen door on a flat surface. Insert a flat screwdriver between the inside top of the roller assembly and the screen door frame. Pull the roller assembly out of the bottom of the door with the screwdriver. Tilt the reverse scrolling out of the door. Take one of the roller bearing assemblies to a home improvement center to buy a replacement. Place the corner of the new roller assembly inside the bottom corner of the patio screen door. The corner has a tab that fits into a chin inside the door frame. Push the other end of the roller assembly into the door frame until it clicks into place. Lift the screen door by its side, and insert the top of the screen door frame into the top slot.

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