Quick Replacing Garage Door Seal Diy

Garage Door Seal Aluminium

Garage door seal is a low-cost home improvement project that you can make yourself. It improves energy efficiency of your garage and makes it more comfortable for any activity you use your garage for, in addition to parking your vehicle. You can seal only bottom of door, but for greater efficiency, you can do top and sides as well. Open garage door, and leave it up to chest height for project. Disconnect opener or put clamps on track for safety while you work. Remove weather-strip by prying nails with back of a hammer or a small pry bar. If bottom gasket slides inside an aluminum guide, simply slide it out. Measure and cut new weather stripping for lower part of door. Be a little generous – do not want to stretch it.

Staple about every 3 inches along bottom of door. When end approaches, adjust to proper length, and then finish stapling. Staples have strip in place while it is nailed down. Unit nails between staples along entire strip. Many replacement garage door seal kits come with nails, but, if not, use roof nails. Close garage door. For rest of project that is going to work from outside of closed door, fix weather stripping of door frame instead of door itself. Measure and cut new weather seal from top. It must fit between jambs with door closed.

Join weather-strip along top of door frame in same way you did for bottom of door, stapling every 3 inches and then nail nails in between. Measure and cut side pieces. Where extraction side butts against upper band, a knife can be used to bevel ends to create a tight fit. Staple side strips in place, but do not handle nails yet. Open and close garage door a couple of times to test garage door seal. If it is too tight, door may not work properly. Make necessary adjustments until door works without problems. Drive nails of weather stripping side.

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