Replacement Sliding Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Replacement

Garage Door Springs – Both the sliding doors on rails and the garage sliding doors have one thing in common: both have a spring system. If any of the springs that help lift the garage door gets damaged, you will have a hard time opening the door. The wear of these springs is normal, and there comes a time when you really have to repair them or even replace them. Here are some tips for repairing the garage door spring. Know which spring is damaged. There are two types of springs in the garage door. The biggest one that is in the opening of the garage is called torsion spring.

These garage door springs come in pairs and if one is damaged, you will have to replace them both. But do not think you can do this on your own. The other set of springs are known as extension springs (also called side-mount springs) and are those that extend along the upper left and right tracks of the door. These springs help lift the garage door. You can repair or replace these springs with help. Remove the damaged spring. In turn, check for any other damaged components such as bearings, pulleys, and cables. Buy a new set of extension springs, preferably a pair. You will also have to replace the opposite spring.

An imbalance in the force of the opposite spring will be generated if only one is replaced. Install the new garage door springs, just like the old one. If you can, ask someone who knows how to repair the garage door springs to make sure the installation is successful. Make sure the spring is not stretched more than one inch. Do the same for the other spring that was not damaged. See if the installation is sufficiently stable and there is no danger of the spring disconnecting from the anchor points. To be safe, contact someone who has experience in fixing garage door springs.

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