Seamless Shower Doors Design

Stylish Seamless Shower Doors

Seamless shower doors – A frameless shower door, also called seamless or oblong, has no metal or any kind of frame attached to its edges. There is no difference between rameless and seamless shower doors – the terms refer to exactly the same concept. Along with the frameless shower doors, framed and half framed shower doors are also available. The majority of rameless shower doors are held in place by anodized aluminum or brass-plated hinges and clips on stationary panels. Both anodized aluminum and brass-clad clips keep the frame-free shower doors in position as well. When it comes to hinges, however, rameless shower doors are best served by the pivot, as opposed to swing, hinges. Pivot hinges distribute the shower door weight to reduce the load on the attached panel, while swing hinges allow the connected desktop panel to support the shower door’s full weight.

Frameless and seamless shower doors Glass. Frameless shower doors are made of tempered glass that is either 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch thick. Glass that is 3/8 inch thick is more open and lighter, reduces panel strain and less likely to damage glass. Glass that is 2/1 inch thick is thicker and so, stronger. Tempered glass is heated until it is about four times stronger than normal glass, making crashing highly unlikely. Hardened glass is also safer than plain glass because in the unlikely event it breaks, it splits into small pieces without sharp edges.

Seamless shower doors are made of glass that is from 1/8 inch to 3/16 inch thick, which is thinner and weaker than the frameless shower door glass. Ramble shower doors last longer than framed ones and eliminate any wobble upon opening or closing. They are also easier to clean than framed shower doors, because all they need is a rubber scraper. Some people prefer aesthetics a rameless shower door to bulky metal that surrounds a framed one.

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