Simple Yet Popular Interior French Doors

Double Interior French Doors

Interior french doors have one of the simplest and, at the same time, most complex designs. They are incredibly versatile and able to adapt to a variety of styles. But the most iconic detail that has made French doors so popular is their transparency and ability to connect two spaces even when they are closed. When we want to connect an interior space with the exterior, we only have to resort to French doors. If we have a spectacular garden we have to enjoy it even when we are inside the house. This living room thanks to these large French doors gets you to sit in the same garden.

Like the curtains, blinds offer another option of darkening the site that can be raised or lowered to regulate the amount of light that your interior french doors let in. While shadows are typically made of cloth, blinds use pieces of furniture or slats made of wood, vinyl or metal. A wood-style blind is a decorative idea that works well with a more traditional style or country decoration. On the contrary, metals and vinyls have a slightly more contemporary feel and adapt better to a modern design scheme. In addition, blinds come in a variety of colors that can be easily adapted to the general palette of your room.

Blinds are a more permanent window treatment option for your interior french doors design dilemma. Interior blinds can be specially designed to fit the exact dimensions of your doors and offer the option of a light extension or completely dark option. As window treatments, blinds can provide a dramatic statement whether they are a natural wood tone or painted a bold color. In addition, when closed, blinds offer an economical way to keep warm air and cold air during the cold winter months.

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