Sliding Closet Door Hardware And Constructions

Charming Sliding Closet Door

Sliding Closet Door Hardware – A wooden with the sliding door is a beautiful feature to add to a cupboard project. Instead of using a plastic track or metal door, you can make your own wooden sliding door closet track. The wooden track will make the whole project more cohesive. In addition, it will improve the quality and beauty of the piece in general. A wooden door rail is essentially a board with a slot in the top of the sliding door in.

Measure the length also the thickness of the cabinet door opening using a tape measure. The router bit used to cut the slot in the track will have to be an eighth of an inch wider than this measurement. Place sliding closet door hardware which is the board 1 by 2 by 96 inches flat on a work surface. Measure the board to the length that has been measured for the track of the sliding cabinet door. Mark the board with a pencil. Place the cutting plate on the milling table with the flat 2-inch lateral resting part. Insert the router bit into the router chuck, tighten it and snap it into place. Adjust the height of the cutter to cut a 3/8 inch deep slot on the board. Adjust the fence on the milling table to cut the slot through the center of the 2-inch width of the board and snap it into place.

Guide the board through the milling table in a constant motion movement fast enough to allow the drill to cut the wood. Discard the gasket from the milling table when the cut is finished. Put the card on a work outside with the grooved surface facing up. Sand the entire board with a fine grain sanding pad until it is smooth. Always sand with the grain of the wood. Apply a wood finish coat, even to address the use of a brush. Allow the finish to dry for at least 4 hours and apply a final coat. Allow the final coat to dry for 24 hours. Rub the wax paste into the groove of the sliding closet door hardware track of the sliding closet with a cloth rag. The paste wax will allow the door to slide smoothly inside the slotted track.

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