Sliding Glass Door Blinds Ideas

Sliding Glass Door Blinds Master

Sliding glass door blinds add light and style to a room, but they also allow people to look inside your home. They can also allow undesired air inside. Decorating sliding glass doors can be a bit of a challenge. Door curtains can be used for both style and function. Door curtains add texture and color to the room and also provide warmth and integrity.


Study your room and think of which colors or patterns are best in style and patterns already there. You may want curtains to melt into the room so they do not compete with style or override the view when the curtains are open. On the other hand, bold curtains pay attention to the doors and distract from the outside view. Sliding glass door blinds should complement the structures in your room. If the furniture in the room is draped in soft cotton, make or buy curtains made of the same material.

Pick heavy curtains with a suitable structure if the room is more dramatic with dark colors and rich textures. If your room has a light and airy feel, go with full curtains that make outside light to filter in. Place the curtains to complement the doors. To make sliding doors look larger, hang your curtain rod so it extends past the doors on both sides. Your sliding glass door blinds should drape past the doors and appear broader. If you want sliding glass doors to appear longer, hang curtain rods closer to the ceiling and make sure your curtains are long enough to reach the floor.

Tips and warnings

Suspensions and rods are available at departmental and home furnishing stores. Take measurements before going shopping. Add some privacy to your child’s door or port by making colorful or coordinating leaflets. Door curtains are simple extensions that allow the air to circulate through the room while serving as a screen. There are several ways to make leaflets. Choose the one that best suits your child’s taste.

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