Special Today: Sliding French Doors

Awesome Sliding French Doors

Sliding french doors – Good morning, today in here I will talk about doors, specifically the interior doors of our homes. The doors are a very important element of the home, separate and create spaces allowing the privacy we need. We usually find wooden doors, mainly pine, beech or oak, and with a variety of models such as accordion doors, sliding doors, French doors, glass doors, etc. Today I’m going to show you my favorite ones, sliding doors and French doors. Sliding doors are a good solution to take advantage of space, but sometimes they are also placed for simple aesthetic reasons; also when they are a model of double doors, whether they are sliding or not, they give rise to

Sliding french doors are typically used as a secondary entrance and exit to a house, next to the front door. They are characterized by their glass sheets, which vary from door to door in size and shape. In some cases, French doors are used both in the home, creating a barrier between two rooms instead of the inside and outside. French doors that give the environment elegance and a certain stately and distinguished air. We can also find models in glass, which serve to gain natural light and expand the space visually. Consider leaving out the blinds and adjusting to a window treatment. There are many different types of window treatments for French doors, which allows you to achieve a variety of looks.

Mount bars on the wall over the sliding french doors and place a curtain on the bar to run the width of the doors to achieve total privacy when desired. If you prefer not to have to leave the space open to accommodate a swinging door, consider either double-fold or pocket-style French doors. Folding doors are exactly what is expected, doors that fold. Pocket doors, on the other hand, slide on the wall, which makes them completely hidden from view. These two styles are suitable for indoor use. I leave you with several models, to see which one you like the most.

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