The Strength Of White Barn Door Hardware

White Barn Door Design

White barn door hardware is a popular new hardware style for doors and doorways, is not only stylish, but it is also very strong. For those not familiar with it, a track runs above the doorway with two hangers that attach to the door and roll horizontally on the track. The system is very stable. But what gives this hardware its strength? How can such a simple system easily bear doors up to 400 lbs? In this article, we’ll address what it is about white barn door hardware that makes it so strong.

White barn door hardware is strong for two reasons, that because Flat track design and Solid steel construction. First about flat track design, this style of door hardware, as mentioned above, is set-up in a way that has a track that is mounted above the doorway extending along the wall with two track hangers that attach to the door and roll horizontally along the track length. The track itself is made of solid steel flat-bar. The bar is approx. 1/4″ thick and 2″ wide. The flat side of the bar stands vertically, parallel to the wall, providing that the track hangers roll along the 1/4″ thick part of the bar. Because of the physics involved, this setup gives the track exceptional strength. The hangers themselves are made of the same solid steel flat-bar. They are carefully bent and shaped to create the perfect curve over the hanger wheel to provide additional strength and support.

Next about solid steel construction of white barn door hardware. The track, hangers, and virtually every other part of this system are all made of solid steel. This is critical to the strength, style, and overall life of barn door hardware. But why is this so important? What is it about steel that makes it so special, strong, and long lasting?

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