Three Ideas For Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

Stanley Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

Sliding mirror closet doors – Mirrored closet sliding doors can help make your room look larger and is a unique element in your home decor. If you’re going to invest time and money to install mirrored sliding doors, you should also consider ideas to add additional decoration to your doors. Take advantage of the many design options that mirrored doors offer to personalize your home decor. Corrosion; Glass etching can be done through sand blasting or using the Lepta acid method. You start by creating stencils of the designs you want the feature on your mirror door.

Some designs to consider would be your family surname or your initials. Or you can get extensive with small outdoor scenes or animals. Sandblasting can be messy and inaccurate, but it’s a quick way to get the job done. Lactate acid is used directly on the glass and can be much more precise than sandblasting. Movie window; Privacy and window movies are used on bathroom windows or sliding glass doors to provide a unique look. And also create personal information can be used on your sliding mirror closet doors as well. Create a frost-inspired edge for each sliding panel using frost window film.

Black window film can be used to create patterns and silhouette style images of the moon, humans or animals. There are also colored glass-patterned window films that could create a very interesting look for your mirrored closet sliding doors. Spray paint; Stencils and spray paint can be combined to add color and design to your sliding mirror closet doors. You can create stencils for any design you like. Or you can use spray paint to create a frame around your mirrored panels. If you have small children, you could paint a small scene along the bottom of your closet doors. Which the children can enjoy while playing in your room.

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