Tips Choosing Sliding Glass Door Curtains

Sliding Glass Door Curtains Simple

Sliding Glass Door Curtains – Curtains come with several options for hanging hooks and loops for buttonholes and tabs. The type of accessory dictates what type of curtain rod you use. While a curtain with hooks only hangs from a bar, other types such as eyelets are designed to have the bar of fabric through the openings. This means that you will have a curtain rod that you can remove as necessary so you can remove the buttonhole curtains for cleaning. If the curtains are for a large opening like a sliding glass door, you will also need to get one that is large enough to cover the glass.

Length is an obvious factor when you are trying to cover a sliding glass door, as it is to keep the sliding glass door curtains away from the sliding door along its path. While rods need to be extended to very long lengths, the curtains are placed too close to the door – increasing the possibility that the curtains could get caught when opening or closing the door, because it fits the tension bar on the side of the door frame. You should still check that the eyelets fit on the rod you have chosen, although only to guarantee something is not overlooked. Also, the curtain rod that you choose should have brackets that can have the curtains you want.

Most curtains are fairly light, and a rod that is long enough to fit in a sliding glass door must be able to support the weight of such a large curtain. As the buttonhole size, however, check. The sliding glass door curtains rod package should have a weight limit on it, or, if you order online, the website should have some kind of measure. Finally, check that the center support is the center of the sliding glass doors, where the optical door starts. The central support will prevent the eyelets from slipping further, and you want to be able to move the curtain back far enough to get out of the door.

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