Tips To Calibrate The Garage Door Sensor

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Garage door sensor – The sensors must always be calibrated so as to always align as accurately as possible. Their continued use to open or close the garage door leads to jams and does not slide in the hinges in the right way. To remedy this problem you just need to clean the sensors periodically using a clean cloth drenched with alcohol. Or in the absence of this product you can safely use a few drops of turpentine or much diluted bleach. Clean the sensor glasses very well, to remove the excess smog, and then dry it very well with another clean drip. Do you want to calibrate the sensors in the correct way?

So, always avoid using one of those products that are normally used to clean glasses and mirrors at home. You can recognize these products because they usually have a bluish color. These products damage the sensors and for this reason they should never be considered an alternative to alcohol. If you want to use a slightly aggressive product folded rather on white vinegar. To precisely calibrate the garage door sensor, use a small screwdriver to remove all screws that lock the slides. Try to do this very gently so as not to damage the sensors, and put the screws you pulled on a napkin so you do not lose them. Do not use a large screwdriver. Because you may have to force it to loosen the screws by pushing.

And this may cause a problem to the sensors. When performing the garage door sensor, do some tests to make sure that you have done this properly. Always pay attention to the level of sensors and measure their height to be sure they are parallel. If you have any doubts, try more. This advice may seem superfluous but in reality it is always good to remember to tighten the screws well. Usually, there is a lot more attention when shutting them away, then shaking it hastily, but this is wrong. Check all screws one by one to check that they are firmly closed, and then place the slides again.

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