To Build Barn Style Doors

Custom Barn Style Doors

Barn style doors – To build barn style doors, starting with measure the length and width of your door. Pull 1/4 inch from the width and 1/2 inch from the length to allow the door to open properly. Cut 1-by-6 wooden boards into two pieces that measure the width of the doorway. These will be top and bottom of the door. Two, lay the two cut pieces of wood on the ground, with a distance to fit the door opening measurement. Measure the distance between the top and bottom planks. Use this length to cut the three 1-of-12 planks to fit between the top and bottom pieces.

Three, place cut 1-of-12 planks next to each other between top and bottom one-of-6s. If 1-by-12s are wider than the top and bottom pieces, reduce the width of each one-of-12 alike. Four, part 1-by-4 in three parts to form the diagonal frame board that will go inside the barn style doors. The outside of the door will have all vertical boards. Cut two of the pieces to be slightly smaller than the width of the door, about 2 meters. The third piece must be long enough to contact opposite ends of the top and bottom of the door frame to form a Z.

Use three glue to get in touch with the vertical one. -Of-12 planks next to each other and up to the top and bottom one-of-6 planks. When the wood glue dries, attach the frame to the boards. Lay the two 2-foot 1-by-four planks parallel over the top and bottom seams. Place long 1-of-4 planes diagonally to complete the Z form. Attach the frame guides to the door with Sheetrock screws. Last, use a semi-gloss paint of your choice. If the wood you are using is old, it will absorb the first coat and require a layer for even coverage. When the paint is dry, attach a barn style doors handle and hinges with drills and screws.

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