To Clean And Stain Exterior Wood Doors

Artistic Exterior Wood Doors

Exterior wood doors – To clean & stain exterior wood doors, starting with remove the hinges, handles, locks and other jewelry from the door. You will probably need a screwdriver or drill to remove these pieces. Store them in a safe place where you will not lose them while you work. Second, mesh from viewers, windows and other areas with protective paper and paint tape. Move the door to a well-ventilated work area, where you can lay it flat on a work desk or saddle work. Third, sandy old finish and the spotlight from the door with a hand held rotating sander. Attaches sander an 80 grit grinding disk, and evenly sand the entire door surface, remove old color and finish.

Repeat grinding with 120 grit and 150 grit grinding discs. These finer grain sizes will remove scratches made from coarse gravel sandpaper. And also remove remaining stain and finish. Fifth, is finished grinding the exterior wood doors with a palm sander using 150 gravel and then 180-grit paper. The final 180-grit grinding removes the remaining scratches. Sixth, inspect the surface and sand any remaining scratches in hand with 180-grit paper. Any remaining scratches will show through the final spot. Seven, clean the entire door with a tack cloth to remove dust from grinding. If necessary, dampen cloth with hot water to help pick up dust. Dry the door completely with a clean towel before proceeding.

Applies the spot to the door. Choose a spot color and apply it with a brush or wipe it with clean white rags. Start in the difficult areas, like around windows, and then work from the top of the door down so that you can make any drips. Ninth, apply the spot to the exterior wood doors grain. Blend stitches with a clean white cloth for a more natural look. Tenth, paint on a clear protective finish to the door. Apply a thin layer of finish and let it dry. Light sand area with 180 sandpaper for better adhesion and apply another coat. Finish will protect the door from weathering. Last, allow all finish to dry completely before reinstalling hinges and other systems, operating equipment.

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