To Replace Exterior Door Hardware

Mid Century Exterior Door Hardware

Exterior door hardware – This project is starting with remove two long screws in a round plate between the inner door handle and the door. The screws are long enough to hold the two halves of the door handle mechanism together. Slide the inside door handle from the square shaft. Second, pull it in front of the door handle from the door. The long space connecting shaft would slide out of a matching square hole in the lock mechanism, which is fitted through the edge of the door. Third, screw the two screws on the square latch plate mounted on the edge of the door. Slide the lock mechanism from the door. Fourth, put the new latch mechanism on the edge of the door, with the quarter around the latch bolt facing inwards.

Determine the new latch plate of exterior door hardware in the square recess at the edge of the door. Secure the plate with two new screws that come with a lockset kit with a rocker. Fifth, thread the square shaft attached to the front half of the door handle. Have a helper hold the door handle with the round door handle trim the plate flush against the surface of the door. Sixth, make sure the square hole on the inside door handle on the square activates the shaft. But do not push it on the shaft completely. Leaving a gap will allow you to see in the hole. Insert the long machine screws through the holes in the round interior door handle mounting plate.

Maneuver ends the screws on the threaded holes on the ends of protruding door handle casting. Turn the screws by hand to make sure you do not cross the thread. Once the wires have been started, screw them safely with the Philips screwdriver. Last, close the door with the helper inside the house. The new key and lock the door. Make sure that the handle does not knock and that the lock is secure. Has the helper lock the door from the inside of the crooked thumb-turn mounted in the center of the inner door handle counterclockwise? Open and close the door. Lock and lock it with the key. Ask the helper to lock the door from the inside of the crooked thumb-turn clock. Try to open the door. If it is locked, the replacing exterior door hardware job is done.

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