Types Of Glass Front Doors

Glass Front Doors Nice

Glass front doors – When it comes to the front doors, is as important as the feature look. How a door looks can significantly improve the look of a home outside and inside. Many people wish three things from an outside door; safety, efficiency and beauty energy. It is common to believe that in order to have a door with glass, you must give up safety. However, this is not the case, today’s glass doors are designed with all three attributes in mind.


Insulating glass helps keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter. Some common features in this type of glass front doors are that it prevents fading of interior and reduces condensation. It also provides better visible light than toned glass. Insulating glass is made by sealing two or more glass sheets together with a space of 6 mm to 12 mm of dry air between the blades. Structured glass is preferred by those who want to easily enter the home without giving a clear picture of the interior of strangers. Structured glass comes in many styles such as frosted, glazed, ripple, got to, whey, weave, beveled and water glass.


Glass front doors can be tinted to reduce full sunlight, heat and fading of the interior. For those who want color but want to conceal an onlooker’s view, baroque glass would fit the bill. Baroque is a whirl of color within the glass, creating a crushed or marbleized effect. Prism glass is architectural glass that directs light through refraction and reflection. It is transparent with a decorative pattern of prism shaped ribs that reflect light and color in many directions.

Bullet Proof

Bullet proof glass is made with multiple layers of laminates and mirror glass shaped together. This type of glass breaks at the impact but will not break. Frosted glass is widely available in three styles: pinhead, blossom and acid etched. Pinhead glass is also called perforated glass. Holes in the glass are made with a roll to produce light diffusion. Stained glass is a combination of some type or style of glass and lead. A design is created using different types or glass shades that are cut into pieces that will design the design. The pieces then lined with copper foil. All pieces are laid out in shape and soldered with a solder rod and let off a tin / lead alloy.

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