Very Simple Interior Barn Doors

Custom Interior Barn Doors

The interior barn doors fit well in any environment, rustic, industrial, casual or formal. They are a very current trend that we can take advantage of to improve the appearance of our house. They also take up very little space, the assembly system is very simple and simple and we can also use them to create areas of privacy in open concept spaces. These wooden doors are ideal in this decoration of rustic cut and show how well they can separate the different environments. But as we see in this case a door with rustic woods will be a good element of contrast in any decoration.

The classic wooden design with X reinforcement is very good even in a carpeted space like this one. Here we see how we can use this type of installation to separate an office for example from the rest of the living room or any other room. The mechanical system used by these interior barn doors is very simple but at the same time very resistant and efficient. This whitewashed wooden sliding door is ideal for a small house on the beach. Creating a pantry in the kitchen is easy if we close a corner of it with sliding doors of this style.

We can also find more elaborate designs apart from the classic wood. This one for example has a small glazed opening that allows passing a little light. This frosted glass offers privacy and will let a lot of light go by. Crystal and stainless steel, a perfect sliding door for an environment of contemporary, minimalist or Nordic style. The great brightness of this bedroom can easily cross these interior barn doors with glass. We can also place a mirror to close a closet for example and thus have a good ally. These decorated doors with geometric patterns in copper separate the bathroom from the bedroom in a simple but very effective way.

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