Wall Opening For Closet Barn Doors

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Closet barn doors works well in interior spaces that need more light. These glass doors add elegance and make both adjoining rooms appear more spacious. French doors work well on a wall that surrounds a dining area, home office, family room or kitchen. Plan rebuilding around the view, but you do not want to place French doors where the children’s toys will appear from a dining area. Make sure the doorway footprints do not conflict with furniture or cabinets, for example. You want the doors to be able to use, especially if they will increase foot traffic when entertaining.


Check the wall area for any wiring or plumbing inside the wall. Calculate the steps to recycle wires, pipes or sewers before the project. Cover the furniture and floor with plastic foil as protection before tearing out any wall material. Follow Manufacturer’s instructions for exact width and height to enable the closet barn doors assembly. Release a plot to mark each side of the door space on the plaster. Rating plaster with a plaster knife to open the wall space.

Open Plaster at the top of the door frame to allow three extra inches of width for a header. Ask an expert to help you build the header from two thicknesses of 2-by-4-inch discs. Build Nick premade beam, led by an expert, for a load-bearing wall. Install your head and support with occasional support before installing a jack. Cut jack’s studs from 2-by-4-inch discs with a circular saw. Install them to reach from the headline to the floor, placing a jack stud on each side of the new opening. Fill holes in the floor with epoxy to create a plan, support level of the door unit.

Cut the closet barn doors frame material to fit door space. Cut wood shims to fit the sides, top and bottom of the door space, using shims to adjust the door assembly. Check the door unit vertically and horizontally with a carpenter’s level, raise or lower it with wood shims. Fit the metal brackets with a generous flange around the door device to install the device much easier. Secure three brackets to each side of the door device and a console to the top of the door unit.

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